The Denver Post’s Mike Klis has the dubious pleasure of scribbling in a notebook when Broncos QB Jake Plummer deigns to speak with the media.

Plummer, who otherwise doesn’t read the papers, watch TV sportscasts or listen to sports talk radio, understood his position as starting quarterback for the 7-3 Broncos has once again created local unrest.

“There have been people who have tried to run me out of here since I got here,” Plummer said. “If I listened to that stuff, I wouldn’t still be here leading this team. Hey, one day their wish will all come true. Until then, sorry.”

He has been through this before. There was speculation earlier Plummer could have been replaced during the Cleveland game Oct. 22, and if not, he would have to play well against Indianapolis and Pittsburgh. Or else.

He was not replaced in Cleveland, and played two of his best games against Indianapolis and Pittsburgh. But then he threw three interceptions in a win against Oakland and completed just 46.4 percent of his passes in a loss to San Diego, and again speculation has stirred.

Only this time, the quarterback controversy hasn’t so much stirred as boiled.

“There’s a lot of starvation and people dying in the world, but I’m the most important topic in Denver,”
Plummer said. “It’s sad.”

Between 2000 and 2006, Plummer earned more than $34 million dollars. I can’t remember exactly how many Super Bowl rings he won during that span, but if he’s feeling conflicted about the ridiculous scrutiny he’s under compared to the really important shit, he could always donate half his paycheck to Oxfam.

Bad news for the Jared Lorenzen Fan Club : Colonel Coughlin says he’s sticking with deer-in-the-headlights Eli Manning until, well, the Giants hire a new coach? Manning is crippled? Given the massive investment in Eli (and the way Philip Rivers is making Ernie Accorsi look bad, week after week), I’m surprised the question even comes up.