From Sam Smith in this morning’s Chicago Tribune :

Looks like Amare Stoudemire may have signed that $70 million contract extension with Phoenix just in time. There are reports that he has serious knee problems that could require surgery and sideline him for an extended period.

Hours later, from the Arizona Republic’s Paul Coro :

Thee Suns received devastating news this morning regarding their All-Star big man.

Suns star Amaré Stoudemire™s arthroscopic surgery evolved into a microfracture procedure on his left knee this morning, according to his manager.

Team physician and orthopedic surgeon Thomas Carter found Stoudemire™s cartilage damage to be more severe than anticipated. Stoudermire™s manager, Rodney Rice, said the power forward is expected be out for four months because of the surgery.

œIt was better to do the microfracture now instead of chancing that the lesion would grow, which might affect Amaré down the road, said Rice, who was in the room during this morning™s scope. œIt was best to do the procedure now.