Yesterday’s announcement that U.S. President Barack Obama had been named a recipient of the Nobel Thanks For Not Being George W. Peace Price has received considerable criticism given the former Senator from Illinois’ modest track record as chief executive.  Opined the Times’ Michael Binyon, “the prize risks looking preposterous in its claims, patronising in its intentions and demeaning in its attempt to build up a man who has barely begun his period in office, let alone achieved any tangible outcome for peace.”  Let the skeptics peddle their hate fuckery, I say.  The only views that really matter —- those of NBA journeyman/Steve Rhoades tribute-artist Doug Christie and wife/fashionista/control-freak Jackie — were made available to a breathless public via P.R. Newswire :

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Oct. 10 — NBA star Doug Christie and his wife, author and designer, Jackie, send their congratulations to President Barack Obama for winning the Nobel Peace Prize, only the fourth U.S. president ever to receive this high honor.

The Christies are proud to honor the president for creating a new positive climate and understanding on his quest for world peace.

“We must all, continue to support our Chief of Staff and honor him as he moves us into a great new era,” said Doug Christie.

“The impact President Obama has had on me, my family, our community, and our great nation — as well as internationally — was made clear with the announcement of this esteemed appointment. We are extremely proud of our president,” replied Jackie Christie, author of best-selling book ‘Proud To Be a Colored Girl’.

With the possible exception of winning the Nobel Peace Prize itself, I cannot imagine a higher honor for President Obama than words of enouragement from Jackie and Doug. And who knows how recent political history (if not late night comedy) might’ve been re-written if the likes of Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Edwards had imposed similar conditions on their husbands that Ms. Christie routinely placed on Doug?