There’s nothing new about Larry Brown implying his players have quit on him, but after last night’s 105-90 loss to the Wizards, Quentin Richardson joined the chorus claiming the Knicks have given up. From the New York Daily News’ Frank Isola.

“I played for the Clippers and we were bad, but I don’t remember being around anything like this,” Richardson (above) said following Washington’s 105-90 victory last night. “I never lost games like this. It seems like we don’t care.”

Malik Rose, who last week called the season an embarrassment, was visibly upset throughout the game and took his frustration out by kicking the scorer’s table. Earlier this season, Richardson wanted to take his frustration out on Stephon Marbury before being restrained by teammates.

“I can’t even explain it, man,” Richardson said. “I’ve had a horrible season but I’m going to come out and play hard. You can tell I want to win, you can tell I care about the way we’re losing and the whole situation. It just feels bad because you don’t feel that the whole team feels that way.”

Nate Robinson’s relationship with Brown is deteriorating. After being criticized for taking ill-advised shots, Robinson attempted just one shot in 26 minutes last night. Robinson’s defiant behavior was similar to what Marbury did during a game against Orlando in December.

“I told (Nate) it’s just as selfish not taking an open shot as it is not passing the ball,” Brown said