From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer :

May 5: Pepsi & Fred Meyer Mariners Collectible Train Night — First 20,000 fans receive the “A-Train” (Adrian Beltre Car)

Were it not a violation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, I’m sure the Mariners would love to award fan number 20,001 with The Adrian Beltre Third Baseman.

The Orioles are in the process of making short work of the Mariners’ Felix Hernandez, the visitors holding a 4-0 lead after 3 innings. Much maligned ex-Cub Corey Patterson hit a 3 run HR in the bottom of the third.

On a day when gridiron degenerates and lovers of mind-numbing television alike are transfixed by the glorified slave auction that is the NFL Draft, how appropriate that we have a number of football scores from the major leagues.

Brewers 16, Cubs 2 – bad enough that the Cubs try to pass off Glendon Rusch as a qualified starter, but was it really a good idea to send out Babe Ruth’s daughter in relief?

Tigers 18, Twins 1 – OK, I suppose it isn’t possible to score a lone point in a football game. Miggy, I-Rod and Carlos Guillen were a combined 10 for 14 in this one. Congrats to Carlos Silva on making Brad Radke look downright dependable by comparison.

Yankees 17, Blue Jays 6 – two HR’s and 5 runs scored for Johnny Damon, a 3-run HR and 4 RBI’s for the Giambini (now hitting .345). Kind of sick how Jeter and A-Rod can have a combined 0 for 8 afternoon and the lineup still produces this many runs. Gary Sheffield and Shea Hillenbrand both left the game after a collision in the 5th inning ; The Little Mustache is said to have a sore left knee and right wrist. I’ve read nothing about Hillenbrand’s condition, but it’s safe to asume that everyone still hates him.