Maybe you’ll find a slow moment in your day. Perhaps not. But you could do a lot worse with 3 minutes of your time than to have a peak at Dave D’Alessandro’s “Nets Blast”, as found in the Newark Star-Ledger.

Q: I know it’s kind of ancient history at this point, but what the heck did Aaron Williams do to get himself banished from the Nets and practically fall off the face of the NBA landscape? I thought he was an extremely effective contributor as a backup forward /center in New Jersey.

A: You know, Geoff, there™s a reason why they parted with Kittles, Lucious, Rodney and Train when they did. They have a better sense of when a player is nearing the end, and you might as well let it happen on somebody else™s watch, especially if you can get an asset in return. Reminds me of that old line from Cotton Fitzsimmons: “I love all these guys,” he said, “and I hope to trade every last one of them before their careers are over.” In other words, loyalty is nice, but it doesn™t help you maintain a productive bench. Everyone loved Train, but if he can™t crack Toronto™s rotation, he can™t play anymore.