Full credit to the Daily News’ resident Gallagher lookalike, sports media columnist Bob Raissman, for being one of the few mainstream types to humbly suggest the hi-tech lynching this week of Carlos Beltran, Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez was slightly hysterical compared to the treatment of the Mets’ crosstown colleagues.

The Mets trio was already unpopular. Now they can also be portrayed as callous and heartless. We get that. Yet, almost all of the same critics had nothing to say when Yankees players did not attend Bob Sheppard’s funeral. The players were not taken to task.

The few – very few – media types who ripped them were vilified, mostly by Yankee fans.

Hey, at least the Mets who didn’t go to Walter Reed offered better excuses than the one Derek Jeter came up with for missing Sheppard’s funeral. Jeter said: “I didn’t know about it.”

And why does Dillon Gee get a pass? He didn’t show at Walter Reed either. The excuse: He was pitching his first big league game that evening. Would paying his respects to the soldiers have messed up his mojo?