With this weekend’s 3 game series between the Yankees and Mets featuring a battle of the AL East’s last place club versus a mere .500 team, who could blame Fox for picking another contest to show Saturday afternoon? The New York Daily News’ Bob Raissman, of course, who respectfully disagrees with WCBS’ Suzyn Waldman (“It’s an exhibition game that counts in the standings. I’m more concerned whether they beat the Tampa Bay Rays than whether they beat the New York Mets”) in promising, “this edition of the Subway Series has more than its share of intrigue.”

While the Mets come limping into Yankee Stadium like some Fife & Bungle Corps, they do have Johan Santana going to the mound tonight. He arrives in the Bronx as not just a pitcher, but a symbol. His presence will again underscore Brian Cashman’s decision to put his faith in Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy, allowing the Mets to land Santana.

Judging by his recent babblings, Hank Steinbrenner is not exactly thrilled with the current state of his team. If Santana sticks it to the Yankees, there will be more than a few scribes dialing up his cell phone later tonight.

And does anyone really think Hankenstein, who whined in yesterday’s Daily News about Yankees players who are “making more money” then him and his brother Hal, is capable of keeping his mouth shut through the entire three-game series?

Joe Girardi is familar with Steinbrenner’s latest rants. While he may be able to dismiss them, he comes into this Subway Series, his first as Yankees manager, facing the same kind of pressure Joe Torre felt from an owner – and fan base – who goes on suicide watch after a loss to the Mets.

The Mets are not exactly sailing on a sea of tranquility. Runs are harder to find than Joe Benigno’s library card. And with Billy Wagner pointing his mouth at teamates for giving the silent treatment to boss scribes after a loss, what might happen tonight if Santana (another cat who seems to be losing his tongue or wagging it selectively) goes down in flames?

This kind of chemical imbalance is quite capable of producing some explosive TV.

Maybe the Foxies should reconsider their decision.