Seems like the Daily News’ Bob Raissman had the misfortune of listening to the same radio show that I heard yesterday.

The same people who fan the flames of prejudice, and point fingers at Minaya, have no problem when a manager or GM is recycled. It’s okay to show favoritism if it’s about your favorite color or ethnic group. Are those so eager to take Minaya down upset because he’s giving them a taste of their own medicine? Maybe that’s why they continue talking behind his back.

On talk radio, it’s all out front.

George Steinbrenner will be happy to know the subject of the Yankees’ titanic payroll has become passe. Now it’s all about the Hispanic Cap.

Other than Mr. Minaya, does any other GM in baseball have to answer this question? “My predisposition is to get the best players possible,” Minaya said yesterday. “I don’t get into the player’s race, religion, (or) sexual orientation.”

Minaya’s statement won’t satisfy his critics. So, those who are outraged should do this: Immediately demand Minaya get rid of Pedro Martinez, Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado. That way, the ethnic composition of the Mets would satisfy the offended parties.

Of course the Mets might not win many games, but at least they would be ethnically balanced. That’s much more important than winning, right? That was the thought yesterday as WFAN’s Chris (Mad Dog) Russo (above) counted the number of Hispanic players on the Mets. Dog said it was “eyebrow raising.”

Whose eyebrows? Stooges who tried softening their warped comments by saying “I’m married to a Latino woman” or “my wife is from the Dominican?” Or the guy who said it was about time someone outed Minaya? Then of course, there was that jive line about “it’s okay for a minority to criticize but blah, blah, blah.”

So why stop with counting Hispanic Mets?

Why not count and identify all Jewish owners?

Then, move on to all born-again players.

What about counting all black players who are married to white women?

And all white players who are married to Asians?

Don’t stop there. How many Catholic infielders do the Yankees have? We need to find out.