Game Two of the Yankees’ ALDS clash with Cleveland is already underway at the Jake (they’re scoreless in the 2nd inning, thank you the former Sportsline), and while a more responsible blog would be filled with tales of Chien Ming Wang’s struggles in Game One (or Kenny Lofton’s measure of revenge), instead, we’ll focus on a matter of universal concern : Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News, and his intense dislike for TBS’ baseball presentation. “The content may even have had Yankees fans longing for the dulcet tones of their beloved Al-Yankzeera broadcast team,” sneers the Gallagher lookalike. “The windy, word-obsessed Michael Kay could not have done any worse than TBS’ team.”

The telecast was headed for the toilet long before the Yankees went in the tank. In the bottom of the third, Sager suddenly appeared in the stands interviewing LeBron James. The Cavs star (above) – wearing a Yankees cap and professing his love for everything pinstriped – should not have been ignored. Still, this “interview” (Sager found it necessary to present The King with an Indians rally towel) lasted too long.TBS should have split the screen to stay glued to the action (this was an important postseason game, right?). Instead, the brainiacs decided to go full-screen with Mr. James and the fawning Mr. Sager. Perhaps this had something to do with TBS’ sister station – TNT – carrying NBA games. Gee, what a surprise. A network using a baseball playoff telecasts to hype other programming.

Or to sell a product.

In the fifth inning, Derek Jeter was batting with two runners on and nobody out. An in-game advertisement for a magazine’s “Sexiest Fan” contest popped on the screen. Instead of reading the copy and getting back to the game, Caray – for reasons known only to him – began doing sexy fan shtick with his partners. And instead of moving him away from the jive, Gwynn and Brenly indulged their giddy partner.

Some of the nonsense led to unanswered questions. During the fifth, when Shelley Duncan batted for Doug Mientkiewicz, Brenly speculated the first baseman was lifted due to injury. On his way into Jacobs field, a TV cameraman stumbled over Mientkiewicz and, apparently, injured his ankle. Brenly’s report needed to be confirmed.

Sager offered nothing.

Instead of trying to confirm Brenly’s speculation, and present legitimate news, Sager was next seen in the right field upper deck interviewing some Indians fan who is famous because he bangs on a drum every game. While conducting this riveting one-on-one, Victor Martinez hit a two-run homer. TBS made sure to focus on Sager high-fiving an Indians fan.

(UPDATE : No sooner did I finish typing the above entry, but TBS helpfully provided the following image :

Looks like true love to me.)