Barely able to disguise his glee, the New York Daily News’ Bob Raissman predicts the Yankees’ desperate — and probably futile — drive to reach the postseason will make for hot TV, radio and print content.

Even more provocative – and juicy – stories will pour forth if the Yankees fall out of contention. All the bad-mouthing and finger pointing, inside and out of the organization, will provide the most irresistible of hooks, filling sports sections while also giving those who belch hot air on the radio a reason never to come up for breath.

If the Yankees slip up, the pressure will mount and begin bubbling over. The Bombers’ recent glorious past, albeit one that has not produced a world championship since 2000, will become even more of a distant memory.

No one will escape scrutiny.

Not even Saint Joe Torre. And certainly not Brian Cashman, whose moves are rarely questioned (is his free pass gold-plated?) by the media. Cashman has been anointed as the man in total charge of the Yankees. So how can even his most loyal supporters not take him to task – unless injuries become the excuse for failure – if the Bombers begin going down the tubes?

Even on YES the blame game will eventually be played. If things do go south in the Bronx, one of the voices (David Justice, perhaps?) will be called on to put a designated hit on Torre or Cashman.

Wednesday, this uncertain future was not even on Al Yankzeera radar. A graphic aired designed to show, according to a variety of statistical categories, how the 2006 Yankees were actually doing better through 81 games than they were in 2005. This was followed by Ken Singleton grading the Yankees in a number of areas. This was kind of like the teacher letting you fill out your own report card.

It was theater of the absurd, a twisted spin.

Soon, there will be no need for jive. Reality will take over. A very sellable reality.