For the first time in recent memory, there’s an item from a Yardbarker athlete blog worth quoting (link swiped from the Fanhouse) :

I have some bad news….I probably won’t be gambling as much with my teammates anymore….I lost a lot of money a few days ago and I’m still kind of sick behind it. Well…I may still gamble, but I may not go overboard like I did…haha.

Before anyone goes all Bart Giamatti on young Rondo, my own theory is this public admission is part of a greater scheme. The community minded Celtics — at the urging of law & order advocate Danny Ainge — are trying to lure Whitey Bulger out of hiding by portraying their well-paid players as easy marks. When you read about the massive sting operation (and KG’s heroism in pulling Bulger out of the Charles River) in  4 months, be sure to credit me for the tip.