While echoing the Post’s Marc Berman in praise of Eddy Curry’s recent weight loss, Newsday’s Alan Hahn chats to recent Knicks acquisition Zach Randolph whom he characterizes as a sweat-drenched “work-a-holic”.

After practice, Randolph lost a three-point shooting contest with Jared Jordan and gave Jared the 20 pushups he owed him. But don’t take that as a sign he can’t shoot. Zach has a great stroke, soft touch on the ball. Weird body, not very fluid in his movement, but a terrific shooter with three-point range. Expect to see him a lot up foul-line extended and in the corners, spreading that defense away from Curry down low.

Despite the trouble back home — his grandmother, Lettie, is on dialysis and not doing well — he’s been in great spirits. He even had good things to say about his former team, the Portland Trail Blazers.

“I love Paul Allen,” he said. “They have great guys . . . It was my time to move on. Sometimes a player needs a fresh start. They had Lamarcus [Aldridge] playing forward and they got the No. 1 draft pick, so they tried to kick me to the curb. But, you know what? It™s all good. I™m happy for them.”

But he couldn’t help adding, œIf I were the GM, I would have kept me and Oden.

Why didn™t they want you?

“Ask Kevin Pritchard.”

The Fanhouse’s Matt Watson links to a Newark Star-Ledger report claiming the Nets’ lame duck venue, Continental Breakfast Airlines Arena will soon be known as the Izod Something-Or-Other.  So much for my dreams of someday attending a gig at the Mutha Records Party Pavillion.