You might recall Texas’ Tom Hicks — in partnership with Montreal Canadiens owner George Gillet — assumed control of Liverpool F.C. last year. What you might not know is that Hicks, courtesy of the Daily Mail, has some interesting revisionist history for an audience that might not be compelled to challenge him.

They might have only been here since March, and they might have appointed Gillett’s son Foster to work alongside chief executive Rick Parry in running the club day to day, but they talk with great knowledge. Hicks gets excited about ‘Torres and Babel’. Gillett mentions talent in the academy.’That’s the unwritten story,’ says Gillett. ‘We have a number of brilliant young players who are going to be the future of this club.

‘Rafa believes in youth and we share that philosophy. That’s why Tom and I are so comfortable with him. He’s a very responsible man. He’s not a slash and burner. He said we needed four or five new players to be competitive and we went out and got them.’

‘A great example of what not to do is the New York Yankees,’ adds Hicks. ‘A guy (owner George Steinbrenner) tried to win in the short term by spending all this money on ageing stars. And they didn’t win. They used to win when they had young, up-and-coming stars. You have to have a balance.’