(Toronto’s Fred Jones blows by some unidentified non-entity)

25 points from Chris Bosh helped the Raptors stop a 6 game losing streak, as Toronto subdued the Cavs, 95-87. The result probably isn’t enough to disuade the creators of Give Sam His Pink Slip (apparently the url for Fire Sam Mitchell was taken), though I’m wondering if there’s one remaining professional coach in North America who isn’t the subject of such a site.

The day after I struggled to recall specific Thanksgiving Week upsets of days gone by, the preseason NIT served up a pair, as Butler beat no. 25 Tennessee, 55-44, and Gonzaga knocked off no. 2 North Carolina, 82-74 at MSG.

Speaking of the ‘Zags, In the week since the Sun’s John Hollinger characterized Adam Morrison as a bust, ‘Stache has managed a trio of 20 points + games, the latest of which coming in the form of a 26 point effort, as Charlotte defeated Boston, 92-83.

One of Hollinger’s other busts, Randy Foye, didnt play much of a role in the T-Wolves’ 107-89 win over the Knicks, but on a night when Eddy Curry and Channing Frye were painfuly passive in the paint, Minnesota had more than enough firepower (21 from Ricky Davis, 19 from KG) to get the job done. The Marbury/Stevie Franchise backcourt experiment is over and Jamal Crawford has returned to the starting lineup ; both positive signs, but not nearly enough to compensate for the Knicks’ dreadful shooting from long distance (2 for 10 from three point range) and lack of an inside presence. There’s something kind of amazing about the quintet of Curry, Frye, David Lee, Kelvin Cato and and Jerome James going to the line for a combined 4 shots in one night.