Though stressing Chris Bosh “is arguably a top ten player” (and some would love to argue about that), Toronto general manager Bryan Colangelo (above) ponders future moves for his lottery-bound club, telling the Star’s Doug Smith, “”We are too nice, we are too nice as a group. Collectively, the group is too nice.”

“That’s not to say you’ve got to go out and get bad guys (but) when you step on the court, you better have some fight. I think some of the guys were saying you better have some dog in you.”

And that’s more pitbull than poodle.

“It becomes a matter of pride at some point,” Colangelo said “It can’t be me up here defending the roster all the time, it has to be them defending themselves. But in terms of what we’re looking to do when we’re addressing personnel this summer, we’re going to be bringing in perhaps players with a different mentality.

“Again, some of the fiercest competitors are nice guys off the court or in the locker room, but when they step on that playing surface they become maniacal. And we want to find some of that.”

The general manager also said “ again “ that he has no intention of trading Bosh simply because he can become a free agent after the 2009-10 season.

“I think it would be foolish to just simply decide today that today is the day we’re going to trade him because there’s a possibility he might leave a year from now,” said Colangelo. “Chris is still the best player on this team and thus will remain the cornerstone of the franchise until some other time when that decision is made.”