Chin Up, Jim Dolan, Alex Spanos, Tom Hicks & Donald Sterling……you guys might no longer be serious contenders for the title of Most Despicable Owner In Professional Sports, if there’s any truth to the following report by NPR’s Frank James.

Talk Radio and conservative icon Rush Limbaugh has teamed up with Dave Checketts, owner of the national Hockey League’s St. Louis Blues, to try and purchase an ownership stake in the St. Louis Rams.

It’s difficult to determine from reports if they are trying to purchase the whole team or the 60 percent owned by the children of the late Georgia Frontiere, the long-time owner of the franchise who died last year.

Limbaugh couldn’t give details, citing a confidentiality agreement with the Goldman Sachs investment bank which was retained to shop the team around.

“A reason to hope for the deal to happen is so a Limbaugh-owned Rams could play the Donovan McNabb-led Philadelphia Eagles,” quips James, neglecting to note by the time this transaction is made official, McNabb’s more likely to be sitting alongside Chris Berman and Tom Jackson (and far more qualified for such a role than Limbaugh) than starting for the Eagles.