Of General Mills’ decision not to feature the 2008 World Series victors on the front of a Wheaties box, The 700 Level’s Kulp declares, “I don’t eat Wheaties.  First of all, they suck.  Second, I don’t usually eat breakfast.  Third, did I mention Wheaties are terrible?”   Bugs & Cranks’ David Chalk takes a somewhat different approach towards the controversy : “MLB might not have any standards, but THANK CHRIST General Mills does.”

Remember 2008 Sportsman Of The Year* Michael Phelps. Kellogs dropped him as a sponsor. Why™d they do that? BECAUSE HE GOT CAUGHT USING DRUGS.

Sounds kinda familiar. Wasn™t Phillies reliever J.C. Romero CAUGHT USING DRUGS? And somehow still allowed to play in the postseason (7.2 scoreless innings, 2-0 in the WS) because of some bullshit appeals shenanigans?

Guess that clears it up: the Phillies aren™t going to be honored on the boxes of the Breakfast of Champions BECAUSE THEY AREN™T FUCKING CHAMPIONS. Cheaters don™t sell cereal.