A 7 foot statue of Mickey Mouse decorated in Boston Red Sox colors/logos, placed at Anaheim’s Discovery Science Center as part of a promotion for the upcoming All-Star Game, was damaged by rodent-phobes over the weekend. The OC Register’s Mark Eades provides details without suggesting the statue had been mistaken for Dustin Pedroia.

Officials with the center noticed that Mickey had been vandalized Friday. The statue was removed Monday.

It appeared that someone had taken whacks with something at one of Mickey’s arms.

“There is a crack in one of the arms and some damage to the baseball Mickey is holding,” said Matt Bourne, a spokesman for Major League Baseball.

The statue was positioned in front of the museum on June 3 by Major League Baseball and Disney as part of a contest related to the upcoming All-Star Game at Angel Stadium on July 13.

Bourne said Major League Baseball is attempting to fix the damage caused by the vandals.
“It will be returned to the Science Center if it can be properly fixed,” Bourne said.