After reporting on Adam Dunn’s new, two-year, $18 million deal with the Reds, the Dayton Daily News’ Hal McCoy shares the following conversation between Cincinnati GM Wayne Krivsky and his biggest star.

During his wild, wild first days, Krivsky had his first encounter with Ken Griffey Jr., a phone call that went like this.

“Hello, this is Ken.”
“Ken who?”
“Kenny from area code 407.”
“You must have the wrong number?
“Who is this?”
“Wayne Krivsky, general manager of the Cincinnati Reds.”
“Well, this is Ken Griffey Jr.”

Griffey wasn’t certain he had the right number and didn’t want to acknowledge who he was until he was certain he had Krivsky.

“I was all wrapped up in calls about Dunn’s contract and told Griffey I’d call him back,” said Krivsky. “I called and apologized, but we both had a good laugh and a great talk.”