The bad news is, Reggie Miller isn’t planning to retire after this season. The good news is that Reggie managed to make Craig Sager look dopey while denying the latter’s story , as captured by the Indianapolis Star’s Mark Montieth.

When Reggie Miller emerged from the shower Thursday night, the swarm of media members surrounding his locker took him by surprise.

“What’s going on?” he asked, with genuine bewilderment.

It turned out TNT’s Craig Sager had reported during the Indiana Pacers’ game against Detroit that Miller had told his teammates Monday this would be his last season.

That came as news both to Miller and his teammates.

“That’s absolutely false,” Miller said upon dressing while looking at Sager, who was kneeled in front of him. “Once again, Craig Sager, inaccurate reporting.

(Craig, about to find out that the gentlemen on his left is not Rik Smits)

If and when I was to say something like that, there’s two people I would talk to first from TNT. Sir Charles (Barkley) and (his sister) Cheryl Miller. They would have the two exclusives. For you to report something like that is very inaccurate, Craig. I’m very disappointed.”

Miller made it clear before training camp that this likely will be his last season. He drops casual comments to his teammates on occasion about missing them next season but has made no formal statements.

Miller said three summers ago he would not play past the age of 40, and he turns 40 in August. He has one year remaining on the contract he signed in 2003.

Miller declined to comment on his future Thursday.