Former Pacers motormouth turned TNT microphone fiend Reggie Miller is less than impressed with Indiana’s April surge.  From the Indianapolis Star’s Mike Wells.

“I’m not huge on what Indiana’s doing, even though everyone says they are rounding into playoff shape,” Miller said. “They haven’t played anyone, and in April no one plays, especially the teams with bad records, because they’re just trying to figure out where they’re going on vacation when the season’s over.”

Miller, who spent his entire 18-year career with the Pacers, raised eyebrows among his former teammates the day before the regular season when he said he thought Detroit was the team to beat.

“Until Indiana shows me they’ve solved their chemistry problems, you have to go with a team that doesn’t argue, that gets the job done at the end of the day,” Miller said at the time. “Any little thing can set Indiana off.”

“In years past, Indiana has been a strong defensive team, but they haven’t shown that consistently this year,” Miller said. “To slow anyone down, that’s a tall order for Indiana. It’s not a light switch where you can turn it on and off. . . .

“I wouldn’t be shocked at all (if they upset the Nets). You have a premier player down low in Jermaine O’Neal. Peja Stojakovic is on the outside.”

The New York Daily News’ Frank Isola quotes SLAM’s website as claiming Nate Robinson was playing pick-up basketball on West 4th Street the night before the Knicks’ season finale.  Isola shouldn’t discount the possibility that it was really Turtle from “Entourage” running around with one of those life-size cardboard cutouts of Nate that Anucha Browne Sanders dreamed up.