Wow, no votes for J.J. Redick?

Bruce Bowen is challenging the integrity of a firm called Computer Nerdz. Having seen the company’s website, I can only presume that Bowen is a far more cunning defender on the hardwood than he is an savvy consumer.

Speaking of quality defenders, The Newark Star Ledger’s Dave D’Alessandro and one of his readers paid homage yesterday to Jason Collins.

Dave: I am pleased to see J-Kidd on the all D team and even pleased to see a hobbled RJ get a vote, but why didn’t Collins get any votes? His defense in the post against bigs this year has been awesome. I’d think Hill down in Orlando and Isiah in NY would vote for him based on what he did to Howard and Curry this year. (Oh yeah — Isiah could never vote for a Net.)
George O.

G: This was a source of some amusement in the locker room this morning, with a half-dozen eye-rollers (including Collins and Kidd) blurting out an incredulous, “Richard got a vote?” You’re probably right – B. Hill and Zeke would have acknowledged Collins if had it occurred to them, as would Sam Mitchell, given how Collins had stonewalled Bosh pretty well in his two visits to the Meadowlands during the regular year. But again, head coaches typically pass their ballots to assistant coaches, and what they’re thinking, nobody knows. Having said all that, it would really be hard to load up on the Nets when you submit your ballot, because from November to early March, this was a lousy defensive team. Sorry, say lousy? I meant really lousy. And no, that wasn’t Collins’ fault. Unlike some of his teammates — whose depraved indifference at the defensive end was the main reason why they were in 11th place once upon a time — he showed up every night.