Here’s what CBS Sportsline’s Mike Freeman has to say about the dismissal of a lawsuit filed against him by pro golfer John Daly in 2005:

Now John Daly can return to what he does best: getting cut, getting drunk and getting fat.

Several years ago I wrote a column that called Daly something that was wholly true then and is even more accurate now. I called Daly a repugnant loser who is more scoundrel than hero. I blasted him for his treatment of women and his reckless lifestyle….

The victory is not just one for freedom of speech. Athletes should be held accountable for their deeds just like writers are held accountable for theirs.

Just as all of you are in your everyday lives.

So I’ll repeat what I said several years ago.

Daly is a disgraceful human being who, if he were Allen Iverson, would be despised and wouldn’t get the dozens of second chances he has received.

Is “Allen Iverson” some kind of code? I didn’t even know he was a golfer.

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