Vikings 13, Bears 9 (13:13, 4th quarter)

I had the misfortune of seeing the remake of “The Longest Yard” on cable earlier this week. Y’know the scene where the dive-taking Adam Sandler overthrows the Playmaker by about 15 yards for a gift-wrapped INT? That was a better looking pass than the one Rex Grossman just threw to Antoine “Mr. September” Winfield.

(not the Chicago Bears starting QB)

On the next series of place, Grossman tried to dump it off to Thomas Jones…who’d already hit the turf while blocking. Granted, Grossman was under pressure — Purple jerseys were within almost 5 yards of the QB.

(UPDATE : Grossman to Davis, 24 yard TD with 1:53 remaining, Bears 18, Vikings 16. The first TD by either offense today, and the first 4th quarter TD pass of Grossman’s career)

Brett Favre’s thrown 3 TD passes today against the pathetic Lions. His giddy reaction to the first of the 3 — the 400th of his career — was all about the team and had nothing to do with an individual honor, I’m completely certain.

While Steve Smith started his game of ’06/07 for Carolina today (7 catches, 116 yards so far), Meshawn has been a major beneficiary, too (6 grabs, 1 TD, a fair bit of face time). Despite Chris Simms being, well, Chris Simms, the Bucs are actually leading, 24-23 with 2:38 left).

(Update : Panthers 26, Bucs 24, John Kasay kicked his 4th FG of the day, a 47 yarder with 7 seconds left. The knife in Chucky’s heart was brandished by Jake Delhomme, whose QB draw on 4th down set up Kasay’s winner.)

(Update Dos : Simms was hospitalized Sunday night. NBC’s Peter King, via telepathic communication with Chris’ parents and all other important persons on Planet Earth, reports the former Longhorns QB had his spleen removed.  So that’s what was holding him back.)
Q : What’s Carson Palmer’s favorite Black Flag song?

A: Trick question. If you were gonna say “Revenge”, well, that’s a nice thought and all. But we have no knowledge to indicate that Palmer — despite matriculating in greater L.A., is even remotely familiar with Greg Ginn’s canon.

(There might be a B’last CD in his locker, however)

Big Ben is, to coin an already overused phrase, making Chris Simms look terrific. There’s a joke in here somewhere about a guy with a huge jawline and an anal thermometer, but I’m still working on it.

Not bad for 36 years old and washed up : Mark Brunell completed an NFL record 22 passes in a row to open the ‘Skins’ tangle with Houston. And yes, it does count, despite coming against the Texans’ secondary.

Daunte Culpepper has his first win as Dolphins QB, a grim 13-10 defeat of the Titans that provided ample entertainment for absolutely no one. Except for Billy Volek.