From the New York Daily News’ Jim Rich.

The perpetual roadside bombings throughout the Middle East. The lack of a stable government in Afghanistan or Iraq. The all-time low approval ratings for George Bush and his band of merry bandits.

It was all because of Carlos Delgado.

As angry Anna Benson, wife of Mets pitcher Kris Benson, pointed out this past week, the new Mets slugger had been turning “his back on our flag” for the past two years, refusing to stand during the playing of “God Bless America.”

No wonder the evil doers were winning.

How dare Delgado. And, as Benson also pointed out – after accusing the Mets of trying to trade her hubby because she had negotiated with Playboy about doing a photo shoot – how dare the Mets sign such an ungrateful turncoat.

But now, she and Bush supporters can rejoice. Delgado is done being defiant. He will stand during “God Bless America.”

Terrorists be warned: Your salad days are over.

Don’t believe it? Just look at the headlines from the past month or so. The tide is turning:

Nov. 8: Four American troops killed in Iraq bombing

Nov. 18: Iraq bombing kills 50, wounds dozens, outside Shiite Mosque

Nov. 25: Marlins seal deal, trade Delgado to Mets

Nov. 28: Delgado joins Mets, puts politics aside

Dec. 2: 10 Marines killed in Iraq bombing

Dec. 8: 30 die in bus bombing in Baghdad

Dec. 8: ‘Amazing progress’ in Iraq, Bush says

See, the President is right: in the weeks leading up to Delgado’s change of heart, 54 people were killed in Iraq bombings. Since Delgado sent the message that he will stand united with the rest of us freedom-loving Americans, only 40 have perished.

If that’s not progress, what is?