You can count the Spurs’ Richard Jefferson amongst those who aren’t falling over themselves remembering the glory days of Louis Orr and Greg Butler ; as the Knicks continue their ascent to relevancy, the San Antonio forward — whose team visits the alleged Mecca of Basketball tomorrow evening — tells Spurs Nations’ Jeff McDonald the I Luv NY talk is “completely pointless”.

œEven though they had a bunch of great teams for a bunch of years, they haven™t won a championship since the 1970s, Jefferson, who spent the first seven seasons of his career playing across the Hudson in New Jersey, said Sunday. œThis is not a Boston Celtics team or like the Lakers franchise. What year was the last time they won a championship? 1973?

œSo to say basketball is back in New York, what does that even mean?

œThere are too many good players and teams, Jefferson said. œYou look at how great it was for Cleveland having LeBron (James) and what it did to that community and how important it was for them. You look at what is going on now in Miami or in Oklahoma City.

œIt™s great for whatever city gets the benefit, but I don™t think one city is more important than another.