After initially reluctance to report to Oakland following a trade from New England last season, who can forget DE Richard Seymour promising the Raiders would make the playoffs last season? Showing just as keen a grasp on reality during 2010’s training camp, Seymour tells Fanhouse’s Terence Moore this year’s edition of the Raiders are just an attitude adjustment away from a return to glory.

“Talent-wise, we’re as talented as any team in football, but it takes more than talent. It takes attention to details. It takes doing the little things, because the margin of victory is small in the league, and there has to be consistency,” said Seymour (above), the Raiders’ accomplished defensive tackle who is an expert on everything he mentioned.

But consider this, and it bodes well for Davis’ bold expectations this season for the Raiders: despite Seymour spending eight years with the Patriots and entering just his second season with the Raiders, and although his old employers have been dominant for a decade while his new ones have been dreadful, Seymour feels more tradition, more aura, more something with the Raiders than the Patriots.

“Oh, absolutely,” Seymour said, easing into the widest of grins. “My wife, she’d tell you. She always tells me that I seem like a kid in a candy store whenever I put on that Raiders’ silver and black. I don’t mind wearing our white jerseys, but if we could wear black, and if that was our only color to wear every game … I mean, there is something about putting on that black. It’s unlike putting on any other jersey in the NFL.”