Not to condone the allegedly abusive behavior of Kansas head coach Mark Mangino — especially the stuff that seems creepily directed at players who come from tough backgrounds — but the large & (at the moment) in charge educator’s methods just happen to be under scrutiny when he’s in danger of losing 6 games in a row. The Lawrence Journal-World’s Dugan Arnett details the latest charges :

Two former players, meanwhile, confirmed a report that during a practice confrontation with former receiver Raymond Brown, whose brother had recently been shot and hospitalized, Mangino told the player, œDon™t yes sir me, or I will send you back to St. Louis so you can get shot with your homies.

œWhat I would say is sometimes his temper came off in a way that wasn™t constructive, which is where you run into trouble as a coach, said former fullback Austine Nwabuisi. œHe was just trying to be ugly as a coach, as opposed to being constructive or motivational.

Former linebacker Joe Mortensen indicated he suffered a knee injury as a result of disciplinary measures taken after he chose to spend a week at home following the Orange Bowl instead of returning to Lawrence to undergo MCL surgery on his right knee.

When he returned to Lawrence, Mortensen says, he was subjected to three months of early-morning drills that involved putting significant pressure on his good leg. Eventually, he tore his left ACL, an injury he attributes to the amount of strain he was forced to put onto the leg as punishment.