From the Associated Press:

John Rocker, attempting a comeback with the minor league Long Island Ducks, had a testy exchange with a fan Tuesday as he walked off the field after another disappointing performance.

The 30-year-old lefty gave up two runs, two hits and two walks in one-third of an inning on the mound in Long Island’s 2-1 loss to the Atlantic City Surf in the second game of a doubleheader.

As Rocker left the field, Dave Macken of Atlantic City, a Surf fan sitting near the visitors dugout, yelled, “It’s a long way from Atlanta.”Rocker replied, “I’m still a millionaire” and followed with profanity, Macken told The Press of Atlantic City. Macken said the two then exchanged profanities.

Rocker recalled the exchange differently. “Call me what you want, but don’t start cussing at me like that,” he was quoted as telling the paper. “That’s just wrong.”

Rocker, who dropped to 0-2, entered with a 1-0 lead in the fifth and loaded the bases on two singles and a walk. He walked a batter with the bases loaded, forcing in the tying run, and gave up a go-ahead sacrifice fly.

All things considered, “I’m still a millionaire” isn’t the worst comeback, though “I’m still a millionaire and you paid good money to watch me suck” is even better. I hope David Weathers is taking notes.