Sorry I missed the following item from Monday’s New York Daily News and T.J. Quinn, but I’ve actually had to read it a second time just to be certain that John Rocker hasn’t accomplished the near-impossible : he’s made Tom Glavine seem like a sympathetic figure.

Former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker said he didn’t want to be “pigeonholed” as a bad boy last night, but then he took a few shots at onetime teammate Tom Glavine on the “Daily News Live” show on Sportsnet New York.

“He’s had a few comments to make against myself that I thought were out of line and really sort of unnecessary and people took his side because he was the more mainstay Braves guy,” Rocker said. “I just really thought as far as reaching out to younger players and reaching out to his teammates, somebody who could ‘rah-rah’ in the clubhouse, really kind of stayed to himself. … You walk past him in the hall, he wouldn’t even look at you.”

Rocker said he idolized the Braves growing up in Macon, Ga., and didn’t like the cold shoulder he got from Glavine.

“You know, to go and get something to eat and sit down at a table with him for 10 minutes after a game and you grew up idolizing him and he won’t even look at you, that’s rude. Maybe that’s just his personality and he’s a quiet guy, but to me it was rude,” Rocker said.