The AP covered Rich Rodriguez’ press conference yesterday and the matter of negative feedback to Michigan’s miserable ’08 campaign provoked a curious response from the former West Virginia head coach.

(image swiped from The Wizard Of Odds)

“It’s amazing some of the things that people would say (on a message board) or yell at you of a personal nature,” Rodriguez said Monday. “You almost want to tell them, ‘Get a life.’

“There’s a whole lot bigger problems. Look at the economy.”

Hey, he forgot to mention the War in Iraq!  Given that Rodriguez finds something oppressive about Wolverine fans giving a hoot, perhaps he’ll use time that might have otherwise been spent preparing for a bowl game to make some real changes in Michigan football culture.  For starters, UM can play in a smaller venue next Autumn — there’s no purpose in 100,000 + attending a mere sporting event compared to REAL LIFE stuff. And yeah, let’s look at the economy ; Michigan paid WVU $2.5 million over the summer to secure Rodriguez’ services, a staggering sum given the dire state of local industry. Perhaps the coach would like to forfeit his ’09 salary, or donate a large chunk to someone coping with bigger problems?