Ordinarily, I wouldn’t endorse the harassment of retired sportsmen via social networking platforms, but when the athlete in question is the newly Tweeting Roger Clemens, I’m willing to make a big exception.

Unsatisfied with The Rocket dropping such science as “”Thx to all the guys in NICKELBACK,” NY Baseball Digest’s Mike Silva couldn’t resist an opportunity to engage in one-to-one conversation with a sure-thing Hall Of Famer (if there’s such an institution for pathological liars).

Since Clemens, and these are his words (via a spokesman), œis as direct and honest in his communications on Twitter as he is face to face I decided to give him my form of direct and honest communication. After all, I pride myself on being equally direct and honest on twitter as I am in person. With that, I asked Clemens the following question:

@rogerclemens So Rocket when are you going to admit you threw at Piazza? Dont you think what happens to you is poetic justice for that act?

I didn™t expect a response since Clemens either lies or avoids the topic since it happened in 2000, but I was wrong. Here was his response:

rogerclemens @NYBD once again WEE-WAH

So there you have it folks, the intelligent discourse by the œdirect and honest former Cy Young Award WInner. How great would it be to see Piazza getting his plaque in 2013 and Clemens sitting home? Maybe we could give us some direct and honest œtweeting of Mike™s acceptance speech. Hopefully he won™t throw his laptop at the TV because he thought it was a baseball.

If the reportage of Murray Chass and Jeff Pearlman have much traction, I’m not super confident that Piazza’s being honored in 2013. Unless, of course, Silva meant the Guitar Center Hollwood Rockwalk, and their induction proceedings generally aren’t televised.