David Scheid writes, “jeff kent is looking for a roommate!  i guess it makes sense he has a pad only 15 minutes from chavez ravine.  he probably needs someone to water the plants when dodgers are away.”


I am searching for the most Unique person to share the most Unique living situation, on a short-term basis. Includes utilities. Available Aug 15th.

– smoke (or be extremely OK with a smoker environment).
– be a night owl (or be totally cool and able to function with one in the household).
– be very sexually enlightened and OK with my frequent sexing, or sexual yourself in similar ways.
– be OK with the tight quarters involved.
– be OK with a cat in the mix.

– a 45yo single gay guy; I sex a lot, and I escort “ often here.
– I smoke cigs and love it. This is a smoker environment. I am a very clean smoker.
– I drink copious amounts of beer, but am hardly ever inebriated (it™s the German blood). I am an occasional dabbler in 420, and that tends to be it; I rarely, but once in a blue moon, will indulge in other things; and I avoid Meth-heads like the Plague.

– It™s a small apt: a semi-one bedroom/studio; there™s a œmain area that contains the general living-room type area, the kitchen, and my desk/work space set up behind the living room area (like a studio).
– There™s a hallway off the main room, off of which is the small bathroom, which leads to a medium-size bedroom (with no door, but a curtain “ and it™s actually quite private); THAT™S the room I have available.
– So, I am looking for someone (male or female, gay, bi or straight) who would get into making that back room there own bedroom; the main room/kitchen is wide open as a hang; I will just work away at the desk; I am very flexible, easy going and low maintenance.
– I get to work from the moment I get up (usually no earlier than noon) till 2-3a (sometimes longer); I do projects on the computer for income, and I cruise for sex.
– I sleep on the living room couch; I love it.
– I can pretty much œsleep through anything “ it doesn™t bug me if you are up and around while I am crashed; I just don™t want to œbug you crashed out till mid-day.

– I don™t œneed to rent the room;
– I have done this before with great success and fun; I am looking more for the kindred-spirit, company, and fun than anything else “ and a little help on the rent never hurts.
– I am fun and wacky, and I like Unique souls.
– I also like to help people who might just need this very kind of short-term set-up, maybe to reorganize or whatever.

So what you think?