Northern Ireland 1, England 0

(paying Grandma for sex doesn’t warrants a word from the referee, but hitting Keith Gillespie with your elbow means a yellow card)

Perhaps a World Cup qualifier isn’t the best place to be messing around with the formation? Wayne Rooney got little done wide on the left, last Saturday’s hero, Joe Cole, rode the pine in the first half…and one David Healey strike later, Northern Ireland have emerged with their first victory over England in 33 years.

England are without a doubt the biggest scalp in Lawrie Sanchez’ managerial career, this being a night that will rank alongside his FA Cup winning goal for Wimbledon over Liverpool in 1988. Each time Sanchez’ Wycombe side visited QPR, the guy sitting next to me spent the entire 90 minutes screaming at the visiting manager, usually telling him to sit down even when Sanchez was standing. And calling him a child molester. And a transvestite. Happy stuff like that.