From Broadcasting & Cable (link courtesy Repoz and Baseball Think Factory) :

When Fox Sports Net holds a charity poker event on Monday night in Hollywood, scheduled to play is none other than former baseball great Pete Rose”who literally gambled himself out of the Hall of Fame.

While Rose™s decision to gamble in public”even for charity”is eye-opening, so too is the dollar figure tied to the event he™s promoting. FSN is airing the Pokerdome Series, which will include a six-person, $60 million winner-take-all tournament that the network says is the biggest single-day payout in the history of sports television.

The show will air from Las Vegas, where the œPokerdome set”a mirrored room designed for optimal camera coverage”will be constructed. The series is slated to be a year-long tournament, which will end with a $1 million prize. If Rose performs well in the charity game, perhaps FSN will offer Charlie Hustle a spot in the tourney.

Surely I am not the only person hoping against hope that Tom Sizemore (above, right) can receive a last minute invite to this competition.