The Robert Downey Jr. of sports talk radio, Sid Rosenberg (or as Bob Raissman not so affectionately calls him, “Sidiot”) has apparently burned his last bridge at WFAN. From the NY Post’s Andrew Marchand :

On Saturday, Rosenberg ” who has had a long battle with substance abuse and compulsive gambling ” made an appearance in Atlantic City for the magazine FHM. Predictably, the combination was a toxic one.

With his addictions apparently overwhelming him again, Rosenberg did not show up for the Giants’ WFAN pregame show on Sunday.

FAN executives gave Rosenberg a chance to resign, which he did yesterday morning.

“We respect his desire to resign and wish him the best,” said FAN GM Lee Davis.

While Davis declined comment, sources said that Rosenberg would have been fired if he hadn’t resigned.

The early list of candidates to co-host the midday show are Ian Eagle ” whom FAN executives have always been high on, but who probably wouldn’t want to do it because of his play-by-play commitments ” new Imus sports sidekick Chris Carlin, who filled in for Rosenberg on Sunday’s pre-game show, and Sirius Satellite Radio’s Adam Schein.