In what has to be considered a stunning development in a long-simmering controversy, in a report released today, Cubbies pitching coach Larry Rothschild has been cleared of any wrong-doing in the cases of Kerry Wood and Mark Prior. The author of this report? Larry Rothschild.

The Boston Globe‘s Nick Cafardo reports:

After long reflection and study, Cubs pitching coach Larry Rothschild determined that it wasn’t anything he did or didn’t do that led to the staff’s many injuries, particularly those to Kerry Wood and Mark Prior in a year when rookie pitchers made 80 starts for the Cubs. Rothschild, who will remain Lou Piniella’s pitching coach, said, “You know you’re doing things right, so you keep doing them. In ’03, everybody [with the Cubs] was a genius. We kept doing things the way we always did, and two years later we were idiots. In truth, you’re neither one. In all my years, as long as I have been a pitching coach, I’ve never had anyone hurt like that.”

This has got to be reassuring news for Cub fans, but most of them will probably want to hold their conclusions until they hear the results of the Baker Commission.