Though the highlight of Sunday’s NY Times was the latest work by Mr. Tabitha Soren in the Magazine section, the front page included the following description of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s approach to squash, as penned by David S. Cloud.

Pentagon officials and employees say Mr. Rumsfeld™s play closely resembles the way he has run the Defense Department, where he has spent six years trying to break the accepted modes of operating.

œHe hits the ball well, but he doesn™t play by the rules, says Chris Zimmerman, a devoted squash player who works in the Pentagon™s office of program analysis and evaluation and is sometimes in the Pentagon athletic complex when Mr. Rumsfeld is on the court.

Mr. Zimmerman has never actually played his boss. But he says he has noticed that Mr. Rumsfeld, 74, often wins points because, after hitting a shot, he does not get out of the way so his opponent has a chance to return the ball, a practice known in squash as œclearing.

Nice one, Zimmy. Hopefully they’ll forward your mail to Guantanamo.