Apparently Mike Francesca has suffered a knee injury of some sort (jockeying for position at Sizzler isn’t for the weak of heart), and as such, the Mad Dog (above) is howling solo this afternoon on WFAN.

The early highlights :

1) Russo didn’t know that Roy Oswalt was very close to a perfect game on Sunday because the former “was in a car with six kids.” That’s why we aren’t listening to 1050 AM, ladies and gentlemen. Not every station has hosts that can share the intimate details.

2) Carlos Beltran shouldn’t have been surprised at the negative reaction he received upon his return visits to Houston. “I’d have booed, too!” insisted Russo.

3) Beltran “has as much chance of winning the N.L. MVP as Shea Hillenbrand,” argued the Dog. “Ryan Howard has 54 home runs!”

(And if the season were to end today, Howard’s Phillies wouldn’t make the playoffs)

4) The one team the Mets should fear most come October is….the San Francisco Giants. (!)