Apparently, Howard Bryant isn’t the only one less than sold on the Mitchell Report’s findings. From Wednesday’s NY Post :

Roger Clemens’ attorney has launched his own investigation into whether the Yankees pitcher used performance-enhancing substances as the Mitchell Report claimed.

“We are convinced the conclusions in Mitchell’s report are wrong and are investigating the findings ourselves,” lawyer Rusty Hardin told The New York Times. “At this stage we have uncovered a lot of logical people who we thought Mitchell was going to talk to but never talked to him or his investigators. That’s troubling.”

“Maybe they™ll get the same detectives O.J. Simpson is using to find the real killers” writes the Journal News’ Peter Abraham. And it’s interesting to see how until he sits down with “60 Minutes”‘s Mike Wallace next month, no part of Roger Clemens’ recent P.R. offensive has included actually answering questions from the media or an MLB-sanctioned investigator.

With the possible exceptions of Brady Anderson and Mike Piazza, the biggest winner to come out of the Mitchell Report’s release has to be Rusty Hardin, whose bulldog tactics will undoubtedly catch the eye of the next public figure to become a national pariah. Depending on how their respective trials work out, R. Kelly and Barry Bonds might want to keep Rusty in mind for future work.