From the Human Whoopie Cushion’s Weekend Understudy :

The French media™s treatment of Lance Armstrong is starting to make the American media™s treatment of Barry Bonds look downright Jason McElwain-ish. They™re still hung up on the idea that they can somehow prove that Lance Armstrong used steroids, EPO, or some other sort of performance enhancer.

Sportscolumn Blog helpfully adds :

Why is it that allegations of cheating always come up from the French newspapers. Look, Armstrong kicked your ass 7 times. He’s retired now. Get over it.

Though I’d hope I wouldn’t need to repeat my praise for Armstrong’s accomplishments — mostly because I don’t want to get sued — it should be stressed that not every accusation leveled at the 7-time Tour De France victor came from the French media. Armstrong’s former mechanic / gofer came forward with claims of his own, nor has Greg LeMond been silent on the subject.