From the Associated Press :

Robby Gordon accused Danica Patrick of having an unfair advantage in the Indianapolis 500 and said Saturday he will not compete in the race again unless the field is equalized.

Gordon, a former open-wheel driver now in NASCAR, contends that Patrick (above) is at an advantage over the rest of the competitors because she only weighs 100 pounds. Because all the cars weigh the same, Patrick’s is lighter on the race track.

“The lighter the car, the faster it goes,” Gordon said. “Do the math. Put her in the car at her weight, then put me or Tony Stewart in the car at 200 pounds and our car is at least 100 pounds heavier.

So if you wanna compete against her, lose a hundred pounds, how hard could it be? Ephedra’s legal again, stomach stapling is cheaper than it used to be. Maybe Gordon would like to petition the Jockey Club to have something done about the blatant discrimination in thoroughbred racing — good luck if you weigh 200 pounds.