Though Phil Mushnick would have us believe that Jay Z holding a small stake in the Nets is a cause for panic, Utah Jazz owner Larry Miller continues to embarrass himself and the league. The Desert Morning News’ Tim Buckley writes in the aftermath of Utah’s 73-62 loss to the Knicks last night.

Larry H. Miller delivered a second-half tongue lashing that witnesses said was an expletive-filled tirade.

After the Jazz were outscored 18-8 in the third quarter, Miller left his usual courtside seat and joined the Jazz’s between-periods huddle.

As it broke up he barked, with words apparently directed at Jazz coach Jerry Sloan. He then moved to the end of the bench, where players including Greg Ostertag and Matt Harpring could be seen getting dressed down. Miller finally turned to the Jazz’s suits ” injured players on the inactive list, including both Kirilenko and Boozer ” and seemed to have heated words for them as well.

“He was vocal,” guard Devin Brown said, “in the fact he spends money on our team, and he wants us to play hard. We need to play harder.”

When Brown was pressed on what Miller said specifically, Ostertag, who was standing nearby, sarcastically told his teammate to share the exact language, then snapped, “It’s a family show,” before walking to the showers in disgust.