The bottom of the third inning of tonight’s Mets/Marlins telecast on FSNY was marked by a visit from Subway shill Jared Fogle.

Fogle (above), whose claims of having lost 200 or so pounds are disputed by a Dessert Town representative, plugged his products in a manner that would do Peyton Manning (if not the Goo Goo Dolls) proud.

Fran Healy, apparently starstruck, claimed not to know where Shea’s Subway stand was located.

(the hard working staff at Shea’s right-field Subway eagerly await the arrival of their new colleague, Mr. Healy)

Mets fans, showing their keen sense of recent history, booed David Wright after the third baseman grounded into an inning-ended double play in the 4th. But at least they’re the ones who bothered to show up —- it doesn’t appear as though a Pedro Martinez/Dontrelle Willis duel was sexy enough to pack the mezzanine, never mind the upper deck.