While I continue to wonder why James Dolan has settled with Anucha Browne Sanders, there is some possibility Steve Mills hasn’t told him the trial has started yet. The New York Daily News’ Thomas Zambito has more dirt on the alleged goings-on at Madison Oversexed Garden.

Fired Knicks honcho Anucha Browne Sanders claims she told her Madison Square Garden bosses in 2005 that members of the Rangers’ front office were keeping a Kama Sutra wish list they would like to try out on members of the team’s on-ice cheerleading troupe, her lawyer says.

“Ms. Browne Sanders received information from her staff . . . that there had been some book being maintained by some Rangers executives,” lawyer Kevin Mintzer told Judge Gerald Lynch.

Mintzer said the book “reflected sexual positions and things like that that they were interested in keeping track of versus what they wanted from what skater.”

He added that Browne Sanders “was aware from one of her staff members that supposedly the book existed.”

That kind of recordkeeping could boost the chances of a second sex harassment case in which a former Ranger cheerleader is facing off against Madison Square Garden brass.

In that suit, Courtney Prince, former captain of the Rangers City Skaters, claims she was fired after complaining to her bosses about X-rated come-ons by members of the team’s public relations staff.

Prince’s claims are slated to be aired before jurors in the same courthouse early next year.

Last year, she told the Daily News she had to arrange for skaters to “have drinks with the bosses and guests” at bars near the Garden as part of their job.

The bosses repeatedly asked, “Who’s loose?” and “Which is the wild one?” Prince said, adding that one even told her “whom he wanted to perform oral sex on” and “who to have sex with from behind.”

Garden lawyers have attacked Prince’s allegations by saying she tried to impose her sexually obsessed behavior on members of the Rangers skate team.