(guy in the middle reacts to guy on the right explaining how much he was paid per win last season)

While some segment of the blogosphere is agog over photos of David Wright reporting to Spring Training in a tight shirt, Noah K. Murray of the Star Ledger came up with a far more impressive snapshot earlier today. After Fred Wilpon summoned Keith Hernandez from his winter vacation to school Daniel Murphy in the finer points of, well, not fielding like Danny Murphy, it appears as though the Mets’ principal owner has successful convinced Sandy Koufax to lend words of advice to mega-erratic lefty Oliver Perez.

It’s another fascinating development at a Mets camp that apparently cannot possibly accommodate too many catchers. It’s nice that Fred is calling in so many favors, though wouldn’t it have been great if Captain Fucko had been provided with investment guidance from another Wilpon crony?