Warren Sapp has always had a particulary contentious relationship with Philadelphia, be it haranguing Igglephans, Jon Runyan poking him in the eye,or as the QBkilla claims, attempted sabotage from Phillys eateries. From the Philadelphia Daily News Wire Services :

Sapp, now an Oakland Raiders defensive tackle, now refuses to eat out on road trips.

“You get your food poisoned,” said Sapp, a Buc from 1995 to 2003. “They don’t want you out there on Sunday. You don’t think about it. It just got crazy.”

He pointed specifically to three incidents: Before the NFC Championship Game in Philadelphia at the end of the 2002 season, which the Bucs won on the way to the Super Bowl title; before a divisional playoff at Green Bay in January 1998; and at New Orleans, where the Bucs played a road game during the 1998 season.

“I know it’s real, especially in Philly, come on,” said Sapp, long an unpopular figure in the NFL for his play and his mouth.

Sapp said that about a month after the Bucs won the Super Bowl, he and a friend traveled from Philadelphia to New York to watch Michael Jordan in his retirement tour. First, they had dinner in Philadelphia, trading plates at the restaurant after their orders came. Then, Sapp said, his friend repeatedly threw up all the way to New York.

I am a bit hard pressed to think that the finer dining establishments in Philly that I would presume Sapp would dine at would just so happen to have something laying around the kitchen that would incapacitate without seriously poisoning a hated rival sports figure if one should just so happened to drop by. However, if say, Jeremy Shockey was to pop out for a quick cheesesteak before retiring back to his hotel room for the evening, he might just get some extra-special Cheez-Whiz on it if there happened to be a bottle of Ex-Lax handy.