The recent passing of WBAI’s Grandpa Al Lewis denied Howard Stern an excellent opportunity to expose young (well, younger than Al claimed to be, anyway) talent to listeners of TKOAM’s Sirius 101. Instead, Howard has given his seal of approval to a guy that’s had more chances than J.R. Rider and Steve Howe combined, “Bench” jockey Scott Ferrall. Though perhaps in some weird way, Ferrall’s own star-crossed history with former Stern workplaces (the former WNBC, WFAN, along with Infinity-owned WNEW-FM) figured into the decision.

From Radio Uncensored :

Scott Ferrall, who made his Howard 101 debut last night, came into the studio to talk about tonight™s broadcast, which will air from 8-11. Before he got to that, Scott brought up his new wife. Gary reported that Scott was having laser eye surgery a few years ago, and that he had so much valium that he started groping his nurse, who turned out to be his future-wife. Scott added that he refers to his second wife as œ34C because she has the same first name as his first wife. Scott also mentioned that, like Howard, he finds Janet Jones to be œsmoking hot, but that part of his attraction to her is her gambling habit. Scott explained he likes that about Janet because he gambles as well and can relate to her struggle.

Scott then added that he got œstiff driving into the city this morning knowing he was going to be on the air with Howard. Scott explained that he™s worked with all of Howard™s imitators and that he knows for a fact they badmouth him out of jealousy. Scott also said he loves SIRIUS and that he™d love to work for Howard on a full-time basis.