(Greg takes time out from GOP fundraising for an interview with Wonder Showzen)

I’ve been hesistant to pass judgement on the parties involved in last night’s Nuggets/Knicks brawl, but after a full day of reviewing videotape with my close pal Stu Jackson, I’m finally ready to announce my verdict :

Greg Anthony should receive a lifetime ban from the NBA, and he should no longer be allowed to purchase his own clothing.

I realize it’s been almost 14 years since Greg — wearing a polka-dot shirt so ferociously ugly he oughta take personal credit for the NBA’s dress code — left Pat Riley’s bench to sucker punch Kevin Johnson.  But there’s no better way for David Stern and my buddy Stu to set the right example for N8, ‘Melo, Mardy, J.R. Smith, et al than by hopping into the CSTB Time Machine and dishing out a more severe punishment to that Republican thug fuck Greg Anthony.

Other observers of Saturday’s atrocities are of course, entitled to their varied opinions.

Seriously, the Knicks called it quits and cleared off their bench, so why did George Karl keep in his starters. Is this a North Carolina thing? Are they just really bad winners? If you remember, Larry Brown kept his starters in the end of a blow-out in the famous Pistons-Pacers brawl. So is Karl just coaching “the Carolina way?”

Lost in all of this will be the obvious blame to all ten players on the court. Believe me, a lot of it will be deserved, but George Karl shouldn’t escape this incident unscathed. You’ll see the creative New York media go after Isiah, well just because it’s Isiah Thomas. But they really should go after George Karl.Craig Kwasniewski, The Association

Why were the Nuggets playing their starters so late in the game? As former SLAM writer Dan Wetzel notes, maybe it was because Denver coach George Karl, a UNC-4-Life guy, was ticked that Isiah had fired his buddy Larry Brown. Or maybe it™s because the Nuggets only have 5 games over the next 12 days and Karl wanted to get his guys some run. Either way, the starters could have been on the pine.

But that doesn™t give Collins the right to hack JR Smith, and it doesn™t give Nate Robinson and JR Smith the right to go brawling into the crowd, and it doesn™t give my main man Carmelo the right to pop Collins in the grill.

As we said from day one when the brawl in Detroit went down, if you™re an NBA player, just because you feel disrespected, that doesn™t mean you™re allowed to take matters into your own handsLance Whitaker, Slam

One predictable thing we™re going to hear today is that this is another œblack eye for the N.B.A and that the league is in crisis. How many games has it been since the brawl at Auburn Hills? (The answer is about 2,500). Not to excuse or condone the fight, but it™s impossible to expect intense competition in close quarters not to lead to occasional flashes of violence. This is not a league of androids, and this is not an œN.B.A. problem. Mete out the punishments ” make them severe ” and move on. The biggest concern was that some bodies went flying into the crowd, but that was not intentional in the least.Toni Monkovic, New  York Times